Computer support

Computer Support Specialists for Small or Large Businesses

We work in many different vertical markets including construction, real estate and medical.

Our program utilizes state-of the-art technology to solve computer network problems BEFORE they happen. The primary focus of the Netjectives Managed Service Program is the small & medium business marketplace, with the primary goal being to help those businesses increase their level of support while reducing the overall cost of that support. We also focus on security with every engagement.

  • 24/7/365 Network Monitoring: We use sophisticated network monitoring tools to ensure your network is working when you need it.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: We are capable of offering a complete view of the enterprise infrastructure, which allows us to keep track of everything that happens on your systems in your company.
  • Improved Security: We work to improve the security of your enterprise by providing efficient backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Cost Effective: Unplanned repair services can be a huge cost to your company. By hiring us, you can control your spending by paying fixed monthly costs to cover repairs and service on a contractual basis.
  • Lifecycle Management: Outdated applications and equipment can slow your business down. We will work with your staff to track equipment warranties, application support contracts, and plan upgrades to keep your IT investments working for you.

We offer a program where we can give your business peace of mind with unlimited support packages for as low as $300 a month per server and $100 per month per workstation. These prices are based on volume. We build in consulting hours with these package as well. Contact us for more information.
Support is also available without a service contract and without monthly maintenance/monitoring. Hourly services are available at a rate of $125/hour with no minimum or monthly commitments.

Are you ready to put your IT needs on autopilot?